Data Importer for Amibroker   

Data Importer for AmiBroker

New Version 4.0.0 is available now to download 


  • Very User Friendly .  You don’t need to be computer expert to use it
  • Works with both Trial & Licensed version of Amibroker
  • Backfill is based on GOOGLE Finance Data
  • Live Data is based on GOOGLE Finance Data
  • Almost No Configuration required for connecting it to AmiBroker
  • Performance wise Highly efficient as this software is highly multithreaded
  • Backfill with 1-min , 5-min, Hourly & EOD data in very short span of time
  • Data download as Text files which can be used in many Technical Analysis softwares
  • Live data feeding at very fast rate ( 2-5-10-20 sec chart refresh rate )

... and many more ....

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