Data Importer

Google Finance Data to Amibroker & MetaStock




  • Backfill and Live Data feeding Directly into Amibroker Charting Software
  • Backfill and Live Data feeding for MetaStock Charting software
  • Backfill with 1-min , 5-min, Hourly & EOD data in very short span of time
  • Support for 500 Stocks for Backfill
  • Live data feeding at very fast rate ( 1-2-5-10-20 sec chart refresh rate ) for upto 100 stocks
  • Almost No Configuration required for connecting it to AmiBroker
  • Backfill is based on GOOGLE Finance Data ( Volume and Price ) for NSE cash
  • Live Data is from GOOGLE Finance
  • Live Data based on GOOGLE Finance Data provides Price only ( no volume )
  • License will not be lost even if you format your computer
  • License can be transferred from one system to other
  • All Softwares updates are free for the same product line during the whole licensing period
  • Disclaimer :

  • Real Time & Backfill data is retrieved from Google Finance server.
  • For any discrepancies in data quality , delay in data or not availability of data , Stock Live will not be responsible